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Our friends and partners with who we love working with..

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Alain Verpillot is a friend from the family and also an outstanding graphic, please visit his :


Vanchai Uaakarawong is one of the most open mind I met in Thailand, he doesn’t know how to say NO and will always assist you for any project you may have with him.


Patrice Leroy, The phenomenal ,  dance teacher with his girl friend Yoona Crals ….. He also can help you designing your website and any graphic design on any support , have a great look at both following websites…

http://www.dynamic-e-motion.com/    http://www.danceinbangkok.com/

Frédéric Debono, The phenomenal same as the previous one but different….., Mister good deals and good address, he is specialized in great quality garmets.


Roland Piccato is a literary travel agency on his own, he will make you dream before you even buy your airplane ticket. Great knowledge on Asia’s country, don’t hesitate to contact him


 Yves Pintaud & AKNAS collaborate largely together. We successfully formalized the combination of wood and shagreen. This perfect material alchemy is coming out in the ambiance of our 2 newly opened boutiques in Paris and Bangkok and completely represent AKNAS identity.
Thus, we foresee developing and innovating in this new unlimited mix wood/shagreen furniture and object segment.
Visit Yves 2 websites: Antiques and made-to-order furnitures. Do not hesitate to contact him, he is full of ideas...



 PARIS SELECT:Welcome! Stay abreast of the latest cultural and tourist Paris and find all our shopping selection, wellness hotels, restaurants and events on our official website