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The most durable:The stingray.
The word “Galuchat” doesn’t designate a species of ray,it was the name of a Parisian sheath-maker who found the art of softening and colouring the back of sting rays.
We use four different species of rays:Some which are more convenient for the manufacture of round bangles and necklaces, others for wallets and bags.
The knack lies therefore in selecting the right skin for the right item and choosing the right place where to cut out the shapes in order to maximize the skin and get the best possible results.This is what our craftsmen have been trained to achieve.
Although we are deeply concerned with making and selling the highest quality ever possible we also care about not wasting this magnificent skin So as to avoid excessive consumption.
This is the reason that we wish that our customers may accept some intrinsic “imperfections”:
1)The natural little holes on the borders and under the eyes which will be filled on making the items and thus almost invisible.
2)Some small scars or irregularities which at times may create tiny intervals between grains.
3)A few cracked grains.

As a general rule,the size of grains varies according to the kind of skin used which doesn’t enable customers to dictate the exact size of grains in the finished products.
Tanning varies also a little according to the thickness of the skins just as colours permeate differently according to the fineness of grains resulting in somewhat deeper or lighter hues for different batches or even some white grains in the thickest skins.

Our jewellery bases made in stingray skin allow an infinite profusion of designs.Our creations are altogether sober and chic, colourful and discrete (refined) fine (delicate) but eye catching.Always becoming,they will never go unnoticed.
Vibrancy,colours,structured forms,genuineness and originality are in fashion.They are what we have had at heart to share in with you along our different lines.
Mixing raw materials is also very trendy so don’t hesitate to make your own suggestions.

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