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The greatest classic:The crocodile.
Crocodile skin is "the" utmost reference in matters of exotic leathers.
Our skins come from local Asian farms of Africa and are all delivered with the
CITES ratification (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of wild flora and fauna).
As for stingray skin,tanning standards are extremely high.They guaranty a semi-mat finish and pleasant supple texture.
Crocodiles scales are impressive and will always create a sensation on larger volume jewelry.
In point of quality,the leather is very resistant and wears well,it may,however, include some scars or "natural imperfections" wich much be accepted by customers as a mark of veritable authenticity.
In addition,colour hues are bound to vary a little according to the different skin batches.
Maintenance is rather simple as a common neutral shoe polish applied regularly willa loow to keep the skin for many long years. 

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Products in this category...
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