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As many other natural materials,exotic leathers charm us by their diversity,their unique patterns as well as their intrinsic imperfections which are the living proof of their authenticity.

Our exotic skins:Stingray,ostrich leg,crocodile or molurus python.

Our semi-precious stones:Moonstones,diopside,quartz,citrine,amethyst,topazes,garnet…

Our decorative stones:Lapis lazuli,turquoise,…….

Our pearls:Fresh water pearls,naturally colored,which give their unique reflects.

They are all generally set on sterling silver 925 which are plated in rhodium or in gold.

Our woods:Wood covered with stingray on our trays or teak wood for our jewelry boxes.

Going through the following pieces of information may help you to understand and appreciate better the specificities of each of the exotic leathers we use.

Should you want to make any further inquiry,don’t hesitate to contact us.


Here some products from this sub category ...
Here some products from this sub category ...